Watch what you say today…

Whenever I am trying to get a sense of a firm I will be visiting, I usually make use of google to read up on it. I did the same before I came to Syracuse University. I somehow do the same for people too. To kind of get a sense of what sort of persona an individual has, I usually look at the person’s social media.

Remember that what you do now has a bearing on your future regardless of the career path that you choose. Unless you care less about that, you will throw all sorts of muck about your life either on social media or in the public domain. If in true Maxwellian fashion you intend to conquer the world like me, then you will certainly mind that which you share with the public.

Be very careful with what you post on your facebook and twitter. Research now shows that 45 percent of the employers when competition is stiff do look at your social media as a basis to eliminate a few candidates. As you enjoy your social media freedom, please mind your decorum and parlance. Do not let that one post stand between you and that dream job.

In the nail-biting gripping evolving epic race to the Whitehouse, a video has emerged of Donald Trump saying shockingly lewd things about women in 2005.

Donald Trump apologized on Friday “if anyone was offended” by a video published by the Washington Post showing the Republican presidential nominee having a vulgar discussion about a number of women. In the clip, which the Post said is from 2005, Trump told a tale about trying to entice a married woman. According to the Post, the video shows Trump going to the set of the soap opera “Days of Our Lives” with Billy Bush of “Access Hollywood,” and the men’s conversation was captured talking on a “hot microphone.”

This clearly shows us that at the right time, someone might choose to bring up something we did or said in public which may hurt the way people look at us. Do not say you were not warned, unless you have no ambition at all. For those who have, you cannot just act and behave like everyone on the street. You have to take responsibility even in the face of human frailty and cannot just show everything about you to the whole world especially now when people are recording everything which happens around them with their smart phones.

Being human, I agree that we are all desperately and absolutely wicked somehow, but those who aspire for higher office must be prepared to be held to a higher standard even by human logic itself.

Pilgrim, we have a long journey ahead of us through which we hope to get out there and save the world. Oh yes, to do some great things. Come on hold my hand as the journey before us is long and hard. We all need each other. Let us keep on looking out for each other. Let us keep sharing nuggets of wisdom which will help us become better versions of ourselves ready to serve our communities to the best of our abilities. I agree with the powerful words of Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw which my wonderful colleague Derick Taylor loves so much“I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community, and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.”