Potpourri of Syracuse Tips

As I sit inside preparing for the impending “snowmageddon” I am having a tough time deciding what to blog about. Thus, I give you a menagerie of some tricks I have learned in my time in Syracuse.

Parking – I get asked about this very often. Parking on campus is difficult and there are kiosks with parking attendants at every entrance. However, if you are driving to campus on the weekend (and there is no event at the Carrier Dome) you can probably park at main campus. Other than that you can purchase a parking pass for south campus (around $80 per semester), park at Manley Fieldhouse and catch a bus to main campus. I have my own system for parking on campus, which is probably not approved for this blog, that I prefer to not write down but saves me from buying a parking pass, paying parking tickets, or having to park on public roads. Feel free to ask me about it in person!

Parking Part 2 – This is regarding parking in Syracuse (not the University). Alternate street parking is a huge pain and the police are VERY good at finding cars parked illegally. So my first advice is to not chance it, at least when it comes to alternate street parking. Specifically for Marshall Street, the meter attendants get off of work at 5PM so you do not need to pay them from 5PM to 9AM. This is helpful if you would like to leave your car down there and avoid walking to the bars (though it won’t help you getting back!). Finally, and most importantly is this tidbit: Syracuse will boot any vehicle with 3 or more tickets. Most people, if they get a ticket, will not pay the ticket until they get a 3rd and immediatelly pay it off. Any car with 3 tickets that parks on city streets is fair game for booting. The city has yet to perfect getting people to pay their first 2, however.

Student Legal Services – Get a speeding ticket? Open container? Noise violation? Student Legal Services can help you for free! As part of your student fee you are entitled to use attorneys dedicated to helping students! I have friends who have recouped entire security deposits from landlords, gotten speeding tickets removed, and had their leases reviewed before signing. If you have any legal troubles as a student you should contact them first!

Health Services – Another service brought to you by your student fee. They specialize in getting you handled quickly and they are great for any cold, flu, or other minor ailments. They also have a pharmacy that can continually fill your prescriptions. You can also schedule an appointment with a nutritionist, get x-rays, or stitches.


This is a small glimpse into some of the great services that the University offers. I encourage you to seek out any other services you need through the University since they probably already have a solution for you. Feel free to contact me about any of this information. Have a great weekend!