Kenya on my mind, next stop Nairobi!

As I wrote in Summertime two months ago, Maxwell MAIR students are required to do an internship abroad or career-related in the U.S. It is amazing the difference two months makes in terms of what internships are possible. Application after application resulted in rejection after rejection until finally a break. Finally, I narrowed my selection to a handful of internship options, including one in Zambia and one in Kenya. Bush life in Zambia turned out to be $100 per day so my decision was not so difficult after all. I will work at  Development Initiative Access Link (DIAL), Africa, a Kenya based NGO from June through August. This will be my first work experience abroad and there is even a possibility I may get to see some development work in the field.

I am extremely excited! While Kenya is at the top of the “development darlings” list, it is a fascinating, developing democracy. Just last week was President Uhuru Kenyatta’s inauguration which came after a largely peaceful election (never mind his ICC indictment). I even booked a wicked cheap flight with a nine hour layover in Amsterdam, my favorite (and thus-far only) layover city.

I will be exceedingly busy over the next few weeks, wrapping up my semester, diving into my MAIR capstone as well as a one week African Development Seminar course in Washington, D.C. Do not expect to hear much from me until June!

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