Watch what you say today…

Whenever I am trying to get a sense of a firm I will be visiting, I usually make use of google to read up on it. I did the same before I came to Syracuse University. I somehow do the same for people too. To kind of get a sense of what sort of persona an individual has, I usually look at the person’s social media.

Remember that what you do now has a bearing on your future regardless of the career path that you choose. Unless you care less about that, you will throw all sorts of muck about your life either on social media or in the public domain. If in true Maxwellian fashion you intend to conquer the world like me, then you will certainly mind that which you share with the public.

Be very careful with what you post on your facebook and twitter. Research now shows that 45 percent of the employers when competition is stiff do look at your social media as a basis to eliminate a few candidates. As you enjoy your social media freedom, please mind your decorum and parlance. Do not let that one post stand between you and that dream job.

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Why are you here?

I am sure that you might have heard already by now that I am not afraid of clowns. Thus, when you see me around campus, feel free to greet me. Jokes aside, on a serious note, I enjoy meeting new people and growing my network so lets interact and expand our networks. I have the unique privilege of learning from two schools. That is Maxwell and Newhouse. The experience is sublime. Before you go on reading this piece, give yourself a resounding round of applause because you have earned it. Hopefully you are not in a lecture. I do not want to get blamed for you getting on the wrong side of your wonderful lecturer. You my friend has earned the right to journey on a new world of knowledge and countless possibilities at the Maxwell School.

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Artistic Release at Maxwell

Grad school is a tough life. From a heavy workload to the immensity of job hunting, it’s easy to get lost in the stress of coursework. However, one of the most important things I’ve found for my own sanity happens every Monday from 7-9:30 PM. It’s at this time that I join together with countless other students and Syracuse community members in one of the most beautiful venues on campus to create gorgeous music and flex my brain a little outside of the normal academic grind.

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