New to the crew: Lauren’s Introduction

Hey, ya’ll!

My name is Lauren Hill and I am a current MPA student here at the Maxwell School. My studies are focused on both public and non-profit management as well as state and local financial management.

I am originally from Dallas, Texas. I graduated in May of 2013 from Austin College, a small liberal arts college in Sherman, Texas. While at Austin College, I majored in Political Science and double-minored in Spanish and Community Service and Policy. I worked for my last two years of undergrad with the city of Denison, Texas as a Social Entrepreneurship for Poverty Alleviation intern. This internship exposed me to the day-to-day workings of local governments and the tireless work of local administrators. It was with the city that I learned the importance of governance at the local level and developed a passion for public service.

I am so thrilled to be a student at Maxwell and I look forward to sharing my thoughts, perspectives, and experiences while here. I would be happy to answer any questions about the program and my state and local track. I am also one of the resident Texans in the program so I am always more than happy to talk about life in Syracuse.





Maxwell’s Election Night

Written by Marilyn Nyanteh, Maxwell MPA Candidate ’13 (pictured left)


On Tuesday, November 6th, Maxwell students, faculty and friends came together in Strausser Commons to celebrate election night. The event was organized by students in this Fall’s “Social Media and the 2012 Election” course, and served as a highlight to a term filled with examinations on the efficacy of the social media campaigning tools used by the presidential candidates.

Maxwell faculty and classmate Billy Klutz provided their perspectives on the significance of the state, local and federal elections in an atmosphere filled with food, games and cool prizes. Audience members live-tweeted to hashtag #electionsu and provided entertaining commentary about our speakers and the media coverage of election results.

The emcees of the night, Emily Rudduck and Andrew McQuaide, fostered a fun environment through their lively banter and trips into the crowd to get audience perspectives on election issues. Additionally, the night provided a great way for students and faculty to share the feelings of excitement and anticipation that seem to always accompany an election night.

I enjoyed election night because it allowed me to examine my own feelings toward the presidential elections. I spoke with people whose political views differed from my own, and had the chance to (try) to explain the electoral process to friends who had never seen an American presidential election. Plus, I enjoy any chance to see the Maxwell community members in one space, as they’re such fun people! I would say the night was a great success.

— Marilyn Nyanteh, Maxwell MPA Candidate ’13